Loxley – The Chronicles of Robin Hood

My new historical novel is now available in paperback and on most eBook readers.

Do take a look!



2 thoughts on “Loxley – The Chronicles of Robin Hood

  1. I have just finished reading Loxley. It was a fascinating read. A great interpretation of the classic Robin Hood story.
    I write short stories and wondered if you can any hints or tips.
    thanks for your time.


    • Thank you Chris, that’s much appreciated. The sequel “Wolfshead” is now out. Short stories are hard to sell in the mainstream markets, but I know there’s a growing trend to put them on Kindle, either as individual stories or as collections. One thing is sure with most fiction is that genre sells. Harder to sell literary fiction, I fear, which is a pity, because I’d like to write them. I think the best way to write them is to study the masters, those great writers of the past, but with the proviso that styles have changed. There are still a few markets for short short stories with a twist in magazines, though there’s a lot of competition. But I’m glad you asked. I’ll do a blog on http://www.johnbainbridgewriter.wordpress.com in a couple of weeks on short stories. Regards John B.


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