Writing William Quest

Writing William Quest

I’m now well into the new William Quest Victorian thriller. It’s been a year since the first novel in the series “The Shadow of William Quest” was published. I’m pleased that the book has sold quite well and gathered some pleasing reviews along the way. And I’ve kind of missed my characters in the months since.

It’s been interesting going back to their world of 1850s London. Most of the characters will be making a re-appearance, and there will be some new people as well. Much of the book will be set in London. The dark side of Victorian London.
I know modern London quite well. I’ve explored the city by day and night. But I know Victorian London even better. And when I think of its streets I always seem to see it as it was in the past. Despite the bombings and the bulldozing, London has a great many aspects of its Victorian heritage there for everyone to see – if you really look.

And what of Quest, the man with the swordstick? Much of his back story was presented in the first book. I like to think that the character developed during his initial adventure. In this one we’ll learn a lot more about William. We’ll find he was changed by his earlier experiences. In the new book we’ll see some different sides to William Quest and much more about the other characters as well.

And Quest will be in terrible danger throughout. Though he won’t be the only character in peril…

It’s been strange coming back to Quest and Victorian England after spending a few months in the 1190s and Sherwood Forest for my Robin Hood novel “Loxley”.

I’ve had to get myself back into the Victorian mind-set, dragging the old brain from thoughts medieval. It’s quite fun.
The New (as yet untitled) Quest novel will be out in the Autumn and the next in the Chronicles of Robin Hood, the sequel to “Loxley”, in time for Christmas.The-Shadow-Of-William-Quest

If you haven’t read the first Quest book “The Shadow of William Quest” do click on the link and take a look. It’s out now in paperback and as an eBook.



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