The Next Robin Hood Novel

For anyone who enjoyed the first book in “The Chronicles of Robin Hood”, I’m pleased to report that “Loxley” is selling very well.Loxley Cover

I’m now hard at work on the second novel in the sequence which will, fingers crossed, be out for Christmas in paperback and as an eBook.

I’m very much enjoying writing the new villain, who’s far nastier than even Sir Brian du Bois in the first book. All the outlaws will be back and in more peril than ever. And we’ll learn a lot more about the origins of Robin Hood.

And the Sheriff and Sir Guy of Gisborne have just got even more dangerous.

It’s winter in Sherwood Forest as the new book begins and things are getting chillier in more ways than one.

Please click follow on this blog as I’ll be doing regular updates, extracts and lots more. And there’ll be a chance to pre-order.

And if you haven’t read Loxley yet, please do click on the link below. It’s in paperback now and on Kindle and should be available on Kobo and Nook by the end of this month. If you could share the link with friends I’d be thrilled. Thank you.

And if you’re not into Robin Hood, do look at the books page above and try the crime novels and thrillers.

Regards, John

The Fight for Justice has Begun!


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