Robin Hood Returns to Sherwood

Very excited that the new Robin Hood novel will be out in March, a sequel to “Loxley” (click on the link below if you haven’t read it – it’s out now in paperback and most eBook readers). 

This one has three villains in addition to the Sheriff of Nottingham and Gisborne so expect a lot of action.

Sherwood Forest is more dangerous than ever for the wolfsheads in the forthcoming book. Here’s where they find out what being outlaws really means.

And not everyone survives…

Apart from the wolfsheads and the usual baddies there’s even Richard the Lionheart battling enemies in Normandy.

Watch out for a publication date.

Very soon now…

Keep tuned into this blog –  click follow if you haven’t already as I’ll be doing a lot of Robin Hood background posts over the next month, something about the writing, something about the history of the character and why I chose Sherwood as a setting.

Loxley Cover




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