Wolfshead – My New Novel

My new novel “Wolfshead” is now available in paperback, and will be published next Friday on Kindle and Kobo (Nook on Saturday). Order it now on pre-order and you’ll get it cheaper. Just click on the link below for more information

This new novel is the sequel to last year’s Robin Hood novel “Loxley”, though “Wolfshead” is complete in itself.


1199 AD
The fate of a silver arrow brings blood-soaked terror to the peasants of Sherwood Forest.
England faces uncertainty as the king falls in battle. Nottingham Castle is seething with intrigue as the Sheriff’s power is threatened and Sir Guy of Gisborne faces an old nightmare. Wolfshead Cover_edited-5

Robin’s fight is more desperate than ever. Friendships are tested as the outlaws confront a new depth of evil.

When even the villagers have turned against him, Robin Hood discovers the true cost of being made wolfshead.

A hunted man – and this time it’s personal…

Wolfshead – complete in itself – is the second in a four-novel sequence The Chronicles of Robin Hood.





Read Loxley, the first in the series today on Kindle and in paperback. Just click on the link below.






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