Writing the Second William Quest Novel

A couple of years ago I wrote the first adventure of a Victorian vigilante called William Quest, a gentleman adventurer with a swordstick who seeks to right wrongs and even up the injustices of society.

William Quest has pleased me by his popularity and the book has achieved good sales, not only in his home country but in the USA and several other lands around the world.

A big thank you to everyone who’s bought a copy, told friends about it and left reviews on the online sites. If you’ve enjoyed the book and haven’t left a review on the online sales site please do. Every good review helps with sales.

At the moment I’m writing the sequel. Hopefully it should be out in about August. There will be several more William Quest adventures, all being well.

The new book doesn’t yet have a title, though it will certainly be ‘the something of William Quest.’  Normally I get the title for my books quite early on, or at least a working title. Sometimes, the title is the first thing that actually comes along, inspiring the whole plot. But this new Quest is proving difficult. At the moment he’s filed as “Quest the Second”.

I gave away virtually the whole of Mr Quest’s back story in the first novel, explaining why he decided to take the law into his own hands, fighting for truth and justice and so on. So in the new book we start with a completely clean slate.

Many of the characters from ‘Shadow’ make a re-appearance, and there are a number of villains waiting to be vanquished.

There was also going to be another major character, dominating a sub-plot of the novel. I wrote a number of scenes with this character, before realising he’d wandered into the wrong novel. And yet those thousands of words written are not wasted. This character will encounter William Quest – just not yet.

“The Shadow of William Quest” had multiple settings – London, Norfolk and Hope Down, and covered quite a period of time. But the new Quest will be set entirely in a very dark and sinister London, over just a few weeks, as Quest faces some very deadly enemies. Danger is lurking down by the Thames, and not just in the rookeries of London.

So do follow this blog for updates.forgotten_00051-Kindle-Fina

And if you haven’t read the first William Quest novel here’s the link…









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