The New William Quest Novel

The sequel to The Shadow of William Quest is now well underway and is on schedule to be out in September.

The setting will be London, particularly its Victorian rookeries and its underworld. And most of the characters from the first novel will be putting in an appearance. It’s been great fun for me getting to know them all over again. In fact, they seem to take on a life of their own as I write. There are some new characters as well, allies and enemies to our hero.forgotten_00051

Like the previous book, this one seems to be writing itself. To me the characters in the books seem positively real. Sometimes they even seem to be writing their own dialogue!

William Quest will be facing his greatest challenge as he has to get to grips with a particularly dangerous villain.

Well, actually two villains, and both very deadly.

And for Mr Quest it all gets very personal.

So do keep following the blog. I’ll be doing updates from now on every couple of weeks.

And if you haven’t yet read The Shadow of William Quest, just click on the link below. It’s out in paperback and as a Kindle Ebook.



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