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I’d published a number of books through traditional publishers over the years, but had become wary of offering my fiction novels to an agent or publisher. The old publishing industry isn’t what it used to be. The days of gentlemen publishers are over. Most publishing firms are now not family-owned, but come under the remit of multinational corporations.

I’d heard horror stories from fellow writers. There was a time when publishers had publicity departments to promote your work. Now you are expected to do it – and fund it – yourself. Publishers urge you to promote your work in bookshops, libraries and literary events, but they seem reluctant to fund these promotions.

Quite well-known authors, selling moderately well, are finding themselves dropped by their publishers. Celebrity memoirs and cook books are in – interesting fiction is having to struggle. More and more well-known writers are now Indie publishing their back list.

Then there’s the matter of royalties. Unless you’re a bestseller it’s usually around 10% per copy at a traditional publishers – often as low as 5%.

So we decided to go Indie , just like musicians did a while ago, putting out our work in paperback and Kindle e-readers.

Indie publishing gives us greater editorial control, allows us to take risks with our writing, and brings in a welcome royalty of a staggering 70%. So much that we are earning a living from our fiction alone. We are selling more books than we ever dreamed of and building up a steady readership we couldn’t have imagined. The whole process is far quicker than traditional publishing, allowing us to put out more books every year.

You can see our books in the sections above. The latest Deadly Quest was published last week to very promising sales. We now Indie Publish our crime novels, thrillers and a historical series featuring Robin Hood in a gritty medieval setting.

As Indie Publishers we feel that we are in on the start of a wholesale change in the way that writing and publishing works.






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