Georgian Pleasures

The other day we visited Fairfax House in York, which is dressed to give you a real flavour of how a Georgian town house would have been in the eighteenth century.

At present Fairfax House also has a terrific exhibition on the theme of Georgian pleasures.

The exhibition’s open for another couple weeks, so do go and look if you can get to York.

The exhibition looks  partly at the seedier side of Georgian life. All those activities Georgians got up to in their spare time. The exhibits have come from all over the country and it’s quite a treat to get to see some of them – mostly the best we get are illustations in the picture books.

So if you’ve ever wanted to know all about Georgian leisure pursuits this is the exhibition for you. From prizefighting to public hangings (including a genuine hangman’s noose). Georgian sex too – the outrageous activities of the some rather dodgy societies are featured. The pleasure gardens feature, as do ballooning and horse-racing, dancing, cricket and the way evenings were spent in the assembly rooms.

It all brings the Georgians and their mores back to life. Highly recommended.



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