Will Scarlet Goes Rogue

Will Scarlet goes rogue. That’s one of the themes of my new Robin Hood novel which will be out next year.

And why not?

I wrote a couple of blogs ago about my progress with the new novel, and how I’d been interested in the transformation of Scarlet or Scathlock from the dandy of the old ballads and early books and TV, to the more aggressive Will of Robin of Sherwood.

As I’ve said, in the new book, my Will has gone rogue. Back in Sherwood Forest. Mean, moody and… well, blooming well dangerous. Now he’s on nobody’s side but his own. Can Robin Hood bring him back into the fold? Does he want to? I shan’t say any more for now.

There’ll be some new characters as well, some of them not quite what they seem. We’re heading towards a bloody climax. This one’s book number three and there’s just one more title after this. We all know how the tale should end, but will it? I’ve got some interesting ideas.

Do I intend to do another history series after The Chronicles of Robin Hood? Oh, yes, but I’m not saying what for the moment. There’ll definitely be a new series starting next year, plus a crime/thriller novel. So stay tuned.

Going Rogue….

If you haven’t read the first two novels in The Chronicles of Robin Hood, please do give them a try. They’re out in paperback as well as on Kindle, smartphone and tablet. Just click on the links below.

And please do leave a review if you’ve enjoyed any books online. Every review helps all Indie writers, enabling them to keep on writing…


1198 A.D A hooded man brings rebellion to the forest…

Loxley New CoverLionheart’s England, with the King fighting in Normandy… For the oppressed villagers of Sherwood there is no escape from persecution and despair. They exist under the sufferance of their brutal overlords.

When a mysterious stranger saves a miller’s son from cruel punishment, the Sheriff of Nottingham sends the ruthless Sir Guy of Gisborne to hunt him down.

His past life destroyed, Robin of Loxley must face his greatest challenge yet. Deadly with a longbow and a sword, he will fight tyranny and injustice, encounter allies and enemies old and new.

The vast Sherwood Forest with its hidden glades and ancient pathways is the last refuge of wolfsheads. Here their bloody battles will be fought, friendships forged and loyalties tested.

Loxley will become Robin Hood. Notorious leader of outlaws.

Their daring deeds will become legend.

This is the first in a four-part series The Chronicles of Robin Hood, and includes an historical note on the origins of the famous outlaw. Read the sequel Wolfshead now.



1199 AD – The fate of a silver arrow brings blood-soaked terror to the peasants of Sherwood Forest. Wolfshead Cover_edited-5

England faces uncertainty as the king falls in battle. Nottingham Castle is seething with intrigue as the Sheriff’s power is threatened and Sir Guy of Gisborne faces an old nightmare.

Robin’s fight is more desperate than ever. Friendships are tested as the outlaws confront a new depth of evil.

When even the villagers have turned against him, Robin Hood discovers the true cost of being made wolfshead.

A hunted man – and this time it’s personal…

Wolfshead – complete in itself – is the second in a four-novel sequence The Chronicles of Robin Hood.





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