Speak for the Dead – Publication Day!

The new Inspector Abbs mystery is published today – out on Kindle and in paperback.

Speak for the Dead follows Abbs’ investigations in A Seaside Mourning and A Christmas Malice – the first two novels were originally published under my name, but were in fact written by my wife Anne. I’ve now persuaded her to come out into the open and publish all of the titles under her own name.

Inspector Abbs is now working as a detective at Scotland Yard – this is his first murder investigation in London…

Secrets and murder in the fog of Victorian London.
When a grieving architect is stabbed by an intruder, the case seems simple enough. Only Inspector Josiah Abbs begs to differ. A stranger at Scotland Yard, Abbs must untangle a web of secrets and deceit, to find a murderer and make his mark.
In 1874, the Metropolis is changing, as streets are torn down and new buildings put up by the month. Meanwhile, in public halls and darkened parlours, the spiritualist movement is at its height… Finding his way about the fog-shrouded city, Abbs will risk everything to get justice for the dead

Here are the first two Inspector Abbs books…

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