Robin Hood riding through the….

As the theme tune to the old Richard Greene TV series goes…

Well, riding through my imagination at the moment as I’m close to finishing the third book in my Chronicles of Robin Hood series. One more book to do after this. All this labour might explain why I’ve been short of blogs on this site for a while. There’ll be far more coming as publication day gets nearer.

The new book finds Robin in even more danger, as old allies are no longer there for him and the power of his enemies grows even stronger.

So keep watching the blog for more updates.

And if you haven’t read the two books in the series so far please do look – they’re out in paperback and on Kindle.

Please do tell your friends about the books and leave a review if you enjoyed them and bought them from Amazon.

Thank you, John.

Here’s the links if you want to find out more about the first two books…