Robin Hood is Nearly Here

My new Chronicles of Robin Hood novel – the third in the sequence – will be available for pre-order on Kindle next month.

And as always, readers who pre-order on Kindle will get it cheaper than the publication day price.

It’ll also be out in paperback.

I’ll be announcing the title very soon.

A lot happens in this one – it starts with a chase across northern England. We discover a possible clue as to the identity of the outlaw Adam Bell. ¬†We have a menacing new enemy for the wolfsheads of Sherwood Forest. New friendships are formed and someone dies. And Sir Guy of Gisborne finds out that….

There’s lots of action, lots of battles and Sherwood will never be quite the same again.

But I’ll stop there before I give the entire story away.

So please keep following this blog. There’ll be weekly updates and Robin Hood features over the next few weeks.

And the title, cover and pre-order opening date will appear here first.

Thank you for all of the kind comments about the first two books in the series Loxley and Wolfshead.

I appreciate your support very much. If you’ve left an online review on the Amazon sales page I’m very grateful. Every review helps sales.

If you haven’t read the first two books, please do click the links below. You can start reading them online for free before ordering. And they’re both in paperback as well as on Kindle.

Thank you


PS. Please do spread the word…