My New Book Out Today

Gibbet Hill – the complete in itself prequel to my William Quest novels – is published today!

Gibbet Hill – A Tale of Dartmoor...

1817: Jonas Lyddon, rebel and revolutionary, returns home to Dartmoor, finding a land beset by trouble. Poverty in the villages and lonely farmsteads. Landowners enclosing the wild stretches of moorland where the poor grazed their animals. A perilous countryside where soldiers – unwanted after the defeat of Napoleon – haunt the woodlands, preying on unwary travellers.

But Jonas Lyddon also encounters the beautiful Kitty Jay and her sister, Tryphena, victims of a cruel society that has cast them aside. Both of them seeking love and belonging. Two women who hold out hope for better and kinder times. Can Jonas Lyddon lead the struggle for justice in this wild place?

Fail and you end your days… hanging on the sinister and windswept Gibbet Hill.

A prequel – complete in itself – to the William Quest Novels:


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